After years of investing in poorly performing mutual funds, I decided to take control of my finances and invest in stocks directly instead of paying fund managers to under perform.

This blog contains information about my value and high yield strategies along with general thoughts on the market.

I plan to document my share trades, thoughts behind my actions and the general economy. I also hope to provide dictionary of investment jargon and some uaseful investing tools for me and my readers.

I hope you find this site usefull!

Gloomy video by Goldmoney interviewing Doug Casey, really worth watching though it's a bit alarming.  It details his thoughts on the crisis and how he ...
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Contrary to popular opinion, Hussman says that stocks provide a poor inflation hedge. More on this and my thoughts of the market at the ...
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Update on my latest thoughts on the market and how I'm repositioning my oil portfolio.
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Must see 1994 video of Charlie Rose inerviewing Sir James Goldsmith.
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Discussion of the financial systems reliance on growth - caomparing it to a ponzi scheme.
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Post linking to the Crash Couse video, a must see!
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Gain insight into the greek crisis and how it relates to earlier events in the credit crisis.
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Jeff Rubin presents his thoughts on climate change and peak oil.
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Video about Exponential Growth and how it affects us.
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A review of my portfolio performance covering 2008 and into 2009. It's not a pretty sight....
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How to select oil exploration shares that will deliver most value for their shareholders
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Post detailing latest note from Hanson Westhouse on the Oil and Gas sector including reviews of deep value Oil EP shares I hold. Another ...
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Robert Shiller talks about the economic crisis and suggests that it could last for some time.
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40 minute Jim Rogers video on the credit crisis and a summary of the key points raised by Mr Rogers.
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